Fairy Daddy

Gray’s stage name is Trouble. He’s earned it.


When he goes onto stage in heat, it’s clear he needs a Daddy. But that’s not all he gets the night he meets an older man with fading blue hair and a leather riding jacket. This Daddy already has a boy, and that boy wants to play with Gray too. In fact, the boy might be even more wild than Gray.


The three men just want to have fun, but somewhere along the way that fun becomes more complicated. For the first time in Gray’s life, he might be okay with that. Especially when an unexpected surprise changes everything.


Fairy Daddy is the story of three men who find love together without needing to tame their wild hearts. It’s set in the same omegaverse as the Heron Manor series, but stands alone. Fairy Daddy ends in an HFN and will be continued in the next book in the series, All Revved Up.


All Revved Up

Building a life together is a lot more complicated than a road trip.

When Chris, Revv, and Gray bond, they live thousands of miles away from each other.

Revv and Chris live in Rixton where Chris has tenure at a prestigious university and Revv has worked for his family business for over a decade. But Rixton is in Southern California and Gray is half polar bear shifter. The summer heat is completely unbearable for him.

Gray has lived in Anchorage his entire life, and he wants to stay. But that would mean Chris giving up his dream job and Revv leaving his family in a lurch. He can't ask that of his mates.

When Revv finally figures out which of his many lovers got him pregnant, the answer may change everything...

All Revved Up is an MMM romance set in the omegaverse with MPreg and nesting. It’s the sequel to Fairy Daddy, and will not make sense unless you’ve read the first book. It also includes characters from the Alaskan Pebble Gifters series.