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All ice dragon shifters have a fated mate. But Andrew was never allowed to find his. At eighteen, he was forced to bond with a rich seventy-year-old man.

Now that man is dead and Andrew is unable to bond to anyone else. He’s never felt so alone.

Timber has worked as a professional Daddy Dom for over ten years when his agent comes to him with an unusual proposition. An omega from New York needs a hired knot, and he’s willing to pay an exorbitant sum. The contract comes with a picture of a beautiful man and a list of demands that are so in line with Timber’s personal interests, it’s uncanny.

At the end of the list is a nervous request:

“I’d like you to call me ‘baby boy.’ If you wouldn’t mind.”

Timber can’t refuse a request like that.

Expensive is a gritty D/s love story set in the omegaverse with age play, hurt/comfort, and MPreg of the dragon egg variety. It was previously released as a short story. This version has an additional 30,000 words.

While Expensive is set in the same world as the Heron Manor series, it stands alone.