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All ice dragon shifters have a fated mate. But Andrew was never allowed to find his. At eighteen, he was forced to bond with a rich seventy-year-old man.

Now that man is dead and Andrew is unable to bond to anyone else. He’s never felt so alone.

Timber has worked as a professional Daddy Dom for over ten years when his agent comes to him with an unusual proposition. An omega from New York needs a hired knot, and he’s willing to pay an exorbitant sum. The contract comes with a picture of a beautiful man and a list of demands that are so in line with Timber’s personal interests, it’s uncanny.

At the end of the list is a nervous request: 

“I’d like you to call me ‘baby boy.’ If you wouldn’t mind.”

Timber can’t refuse a request like that.

Expensive is a gritty D/s love story set in the omegaverse with age play, hurt/comfort, and MPreg of the dragon egg variety. It was previously released as a short story. This version has an additional 30,000 words.



Buddy is nothing but a forgotten plastic love doll. Long ago, an alpha paid a warlock to bring him to life with magic, but that man hasn’t wanted Buddy in years. Every night Buddy goes into heat all alone.


Until Buddy meets an alpha named H. H is the kindest man Buddy’s ever known, and he gives hugs that make Buddy feel happy and safe.


If only Buddy could be a real omega made of flesh and blood. Then maybe H would want him.


If only...


Real is an MM romance retelling of Pinocchio with MPreg, knotting, and lace. It’s the second book in the Lost Red Wolves series, but it stands alone.



Candlewick is done waiting for an alpha to sweep him off his feet. He’s spent the last decade traveling, making trouble, and flirting with the most powerful men in the world. That’s what he’s good at.

After he spends a few nights in jail because of said trouble, he doesn’t expect anyone to come for him. He certainly doesn’t expect his fated mate to show up in the jail parking lot riding a dragon.


Manny is the exact opposite of Candlewick in every way: stuffy, traditional, and a devout follower of the red wolf shifter God. He blushes every time Candlewick makes an inappropriate joke, which is often. He also shies away from Candlewick’s increasingly direct flirtations. He claims that because he is unable to give Candlewick a proper bond bite, any physical contact between the two of them would be a sin.

But Candlewick has won over princes and CEO’s with his smile and personality. Surely he can convince his fated mate that there are some things worth being wicked for...

Wicked is a humorous book in the Lost Red Wolves series with knotting, MPreg, and an inconvenient heat. It will make more sense if you’ve read the first two books.