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On Friday nights Simon likes to fuck the patriarchy. Quite literally. He goes to a bar, finds an alpha twice his age, and gets off. If he preps himself beforehand, they never have to know his secret: Simon can't slick.


Omegas who can't slick can't have children either, which means that every alphas leave Simon the moment they find out. Relationships aren't worth the risk. He's a lot happier when he focuses on his job as a bookmobile librarian and doesn't obsess about what he can't have. Even if it's hard to ignore the hundreds of children's books he's collected over the years and the empty nursery from when he tried to adopt. It turns out the adoption agencies won't give a baby to a single omega. Most nights, his ache for a child is far worse than his ache for a mate.


Art Hitchens buried the love of his life five years ago. At forty five, he has no intention of chasing after omegas ever again. But when a bookmobile librarian shows up in his hometown and gives him a wild proposition, Art feels alive for the first time in years.


Simon may be too young for Art and slow to trust after being rejected so many times. But Art feels a need to take care of Simon that's impossible to ignore. 


The Bookmobile Baby is a 50,000-word May/December romance with knotting, MPreg, BDSM, and a nurturing dominant. It's the second book in the Nerds Who Knot series, but it stands alone.