The Heat Professor.jpg

Professor Damien Ringdal has a heat latch. 

Sometimes alphas who have been working as a heat companion for an extended period of time develop an uncontrollable urge to bond. AKA, a heat latch. AKA, a huge problem. Especially because his uncontrollable urges seem to be directed at his student, Tatum Bloom.

Tatum has a crush.

He can’t be the first undergraduate to notice how ridiculously handsome Professor Ringdal is. But Tatum assumes nothing will come of it. After all, Damien’s twelve years older than him and not the kind of man who would ever date his student. Until the night Damien shows up on his doorstep, and gives him a kiss Tatum won't ever forget.

In a world where medical complications sometimes feel like love, how will Damien know the difference? And how will Tatum protect his heart from the perfect man while Damien figures it out?

The Heat Professor is a 48,000-word professor/student age-gap romance set in the omegaverse with MPreg, nesting, and suspenders. It’s book four in the Nerds Who Knot series, and will make more sense if you’ve read the other books in the series.