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When Two Omegas Dance

Two Omegas. No alpha. And lots of dancing...

Kai spends eight hours a day training for a grueling sport only the toughest men can handle.

In other words, he’s a ballet dancer.

When Kai gets cut from his dance company, he’s not sure what to do. His whole life has revolved around ballet since he was a child. Heartbroken and uncertain of his future, he ends up at a strip club with his friends. There he sees an omega own the stage with a presence that takes Kai’s breath away.

There isn’t any doubt in Kai’s mind that this omega is his fated mate.

Noah is a red wolf shifter. Like all omega red wolf shifters, he has powerful pheromones that trick alphas into thinking they’ve found their fated mate. But Noah will never have a fated mate. He’s only attracted to other omegas, and while some omegas are drawn in by his pheromones, the artificial connection never lasts. He’s resigned to living his life alone.

But the night Noah meets Kai, Noah feels the connection too. If only he could be sure that Kai’s feelings for him are real.

In a world where everyone thinks they’re Noah’s fated mate, how will he know when he’s found the one person who actually is?

When Two Omegas Dance is book ten of Season Three of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. When Two Omegas Dance features two omegas who don’t need an alpha to be happy… or even to have a baby of their own.

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