This movie was supposed to be my big break. There’s an enormous budget, the director is an oscar winner, and the script is beautiful.

But they want to film it in February. That’s complicated for an arctic fox shifter like me. We have a biological need for prolonged physical contact during burrowing season. I normally spend February cuddling with my family, not filming a movie in the middle of the woods.


The studio said they’d find a professional cuddler for me. That seemed a little awkward, but I agreed to it. I figured they’d hire a woman or another male omega. But no.


They hired Dimitri Cross.


He’s the retired NHL player I spent my teenage years drooling over. Technically, he’s an arctic fox shifter too, but he’s also half grizzly shifter—and an alpha—so he’s built like a tank. I’ve always had a weakness for huge jocks who could throw me over their shoulder.

How am I supposed to cuddle with this guy all month if I can’t even go near him without getting butterflies in my stomach?

What am I going to do?

Snuggleslut is a low-angst romance set in the omegaverse with a size difference, knotting, and mpreg. It’s book two in the Burrowing Hearts series, but it stands alone.

Seahorse has been given a second chance at life. But there’s a catch: he can't create any new memories with the people he loves. Every morning at sunrise, they forget he came back to life.

Orca, his mate, starts experiencing side effects from the daily memory loss, Seahorse knows he has to leave him behind. Otherwise, Orca could lose his sanity.

But Orca doesn't want to let Seahorse go. Even if that means making a deal with a dangerous warlock.

All she wants is Orca's voice. That's a small price to pay to be with the man he loves. Or so he thinks.

Omega from the Beach is an mpreg romance set in the omegaverse. It is the second book in the Heron Manor series, and will not make sense unless you've read the first book.