Eli loves his job as a hired fist. He gets to help pregnant omegas through a very intimate and personal moment in their lives—giving birth.

When Maxim, an alpha polar bear shifter, asks for Eli’s help making an app to pair hired fists with pregnant omegas in need, Eli immediately agrees. He doesn’t expect to be so captivated by Maxim’s kind blue eyes and quiet intelligence. After all, Eli’s never felt attracted to another alpha before.

But Maxim makes him question everything.

When their friendship turns into a passion more life-changing than Eli has ever known, the biggest question he has is this: how will Maxim feel about being in a relationship with a hired fist? Is Eli willing to quit his job to be with him? And if he does, what will happen to the pregnant penguin shifters who need his help?

A Nest for Eli is book 6 of The Alaskan Pebble Gifters series, and will not make sense unless you have read the entire series. While Eli’s and Max’s story is more focused on MPreg than any other book in the Alaskan Pebble Gifters series, neither of the main characters become pregnant. You can still expect penguin chicks at the end, nesting, and lots of penguin shifter nonsense.

A Nest for Eli includes scenes of tender sharing that are an integral and sweet element of Eli’s and Maxim’s relationship.