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Reading Guide

Welcome to the Amy Bellows reading guide. This isn’t organized in any particular order, so feel free to scroll through the headings to find what you’re looking for.


A question I get from a lot readers is where to start. Most of my books are set in the world of Heron Manor, my shifter omegaverse. They have some common world-building elements, but it doesn’t matter what series you read first. If you’re interested in my shifter cultures, I’d recommend starting with the Alaskan Pebble Gifters. If you want to explore the magic system of this world, I suggest starting with Omega from the Ocean.


Shifter vs. Nonshifter:


While most of my books take place in the world of Heron Manor, here are a few that don’t.


Nerds Who Knot series: this is my nonshifter Mpreg series set in the omegaverse. Like my books set in the world of Heron Manor, there are still heats, knots, and a birth at the end, but no one shifts into an animal.


Of Paper and Wood: This novel is a historical fantasy romance with no mpreg or alpha/omega dynamics. I’d recommend it to readers who enjoy my world building and queer female side characters.


Dear Daddy, Please Praise Me: This is a kinky contemporary romance with no fantasy/omegaverse elements. I’d recommend it if you like humor and Daddy kink.


Shifter types:


My series within Heron Manor are separated by shifter type:


Alaskan Pebble Gifters and Riding Home: penguins and polar bears

Heron Manor: Mermen

Lost Red Wolves (including Red Wolf Thrall): Wolves

Rabbit Hollow: Rabbits and eagles

Burrowing Hearts: Foxes


Heron Manor and Lost Red Wolves also include ice dragon shifters. The third Lost Red Wolves book has a character who is half red wolf and half fox. The second Burrowing Hearts book has a character who is half arctic fox and half grizzly.


Most of my series include side characters of different species. This is especially the case with Riding Home, which has the most diverse representation of different shifters in my world.


How do the series tie together?


You’ll find lots of little easter eggs in my books tying the different series together. Here are a few examples:


  • In An Egg for Ansel Daniel meets Seahorse, Arch, and Chase from Omega from the Ocean.

  • In Riding Home, Chris teaches at Hydra University, the same university Peter teaches at in Omega from the Ocean.

  • Anne, Peter’s mother from Omega from the Ocean is the dragon in Expensive, Real, and Wicked.

  • The red wolf shifter stripper in Fairy Daddy is Noah, the protagonist of Red Wolf Thrall.

  • Many of the characters in the Alaskan Pebble Gifters series make an appearance in All Revved Up.

  • Ari, the healer from Red Wolf Thrall, is briefly mentioned by a warlock in Snuggleslut

  • Francis, who has a small appearance in A Nest for Eli is an important character in Omega from the Beach.


Angst Level:


Some of my books are very fluffy with low-angst, while others are about broken characters who will tug on your heartstrings. I’ve separated these by series too:


Low angst: Alaskan Pebble Gifters, Riding Home, Rabbit Hollow, Burrowing Hearts

High angst: Lost Red Wolves, Heron Manor


Eggs, shifter babies, and human babies


In my heron manor world, babies generally stay in their animal form for at least the first year of their life. Some of these babies hatch from eggs.


Books with egg births: Alaskan Pebble Gifters series, Omega from the Ocean, All Revved Up, Expensive

Books with shifter babies born in their animal forms: Burrowing Hearts series, Real, Red Wolf Thrall, Swept Away

Books with human babies: Nerds Who Knot series




I’ve written several books with Daddy kink: An Egg for Ansel, A Home for Ben, A Handkerchief for Kade, Expensive, Omega from the Ocean, Dear Daddy Please Praise Me, The Bookmobile Baby, and the Riding Home series. 


Here are some other kinks I’ve explored (with the most intense example listed first):


Cuckholding: Fairy Daddy

Public sex: Fairy Daddy, A Handkerchief for Kade, A Pebble for Lewis, Expensive

Double Penetration: Fairy Daddy (double knotting as well), A Handkerchief for Kade

Fisting: Most of the Alaskan Pebble Gifters books, Expensive, Omega from the Ocean

Group sex: Fairy Daddy

Sex with a stranger: Fairy Daddy

D/s without Daddy kink: The Heat Professor




I’ve written two omega/omega romances: Red Wolf Thrall and An Egg for Ansel, but both of my MMM books (Fairy Daddy and A Home for Ben) have omega/omega dynamics. A Nest for Eli is my only alpha/alpha book.


In a Home for Ben, an alpha named Axe likes to bottom sometimes and in Snuggle Season an omega named Weston needs an alpha who is okay with him topping sometimes.


Gender themes:


All of my books explore gender to a certain degree, but some do more than others.


  • A Home for Ben has a character named Cyrano who is the omegaverse equivalent of gender fluid.

  • Red Wolf Thrall has a character named Kai who is an omega, but presents very similarly to an alpha. I like to think of him as the omegaverse equivalent of a masculine-of-center or butch/masc lesbian, even though I already have alpha women in my world who present that way. I wrote Kai's character to explore the complexities of presenting as a different gender in most ways, while still identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth.

  • A Mate for Lu has a side character who identifies as a transgender omega.

  • A Nest for Eli has a nonbinary side character.

  • An Egg for Ansel has a character named Ansel with a femme gender presention.

  • A Handkerchief for Kade has a character named Kade who has some feminine elements to his gender presentation, but doesn’t identify as femme.

  • Wicked has a character named Candlewick who likes to think of himself as pretty and has many femme elements to his gender presenation, but doesn’t tie this presentation to his identity.




In my world, the magic is separated into three types: blood magic, song magic, and light magic. Blood magic is done by warlocks (any shifter can become a warlock with training). Song magic is performed by mermen and polar bear shifters (the polar bear shifters sing their magic into metal). Light magic is performed by Illusors. Here are the books with each respective kind of magic:

Blood magic: Lost Red Wolf series, Heron Manor series, Snuggleslut, Red Wolf Thrall

Song magic: Alaskan Pebble Gifters series, Heron Manor series

Light magic: Real


Differences between shifters


Every shifter in my world bonds in a different way. The formation of a bond is more important to some species than to others. For instance, the bands polar bear shifters wear around their arms to signify they have a mate are more symbolic than anything else, whereas forming a full bond is essential in fox shifter culture. 


Each shifter type has a guild that protects their interests with the US government. This involves deciding what accommodations are necessary when someone of their shifter species is incarcerated and creating laws that provide exemptions or boundaries based on the differences of their people. For instance, penguin shifters who are nesting have exemptions to laws on theft, within reason. Polar bear shifters have harsher laws for alphas who commit an act of violence in a rage. Some of these laws are fair and others aren’t, just like laws in the real world. Because many species give birth differently, these laws often impact reproductive healthcare.


This is just the beginning of all the differences between shifters species in my world, but you get the idea. These details are in all of my books, so I can’t break them down into a list. But I can say that if you’re interested in the structure of shifter laws, the Alaskan Pebble Gifters series explores that the most, and it’s a central theme in the overarching plot of the series. I would also recommend reading Real if you’re interested in the different ways shifters are incarcerated in my world.

Publication order

Sometimes people want to read books in the order I wrote them, so here is a list of my books in the order of publication:

The Accidental Everything (Nerds Who Knot 1)

The Bookmobile Baby (Nerds Who Knot 2)

The Bond-Cut Omega (Nerds Who Knot 3)

Omega from the Ocean (Heron Manor 1)

Red Wolf Thrall (previously published as When Two Omegas Dance)

The Heat Professor (Nerds Who Knot 4)

A Pebble for Lewis (Alaskan Pebble Gifters 1)

An Egg for Ansel (Alaskan Pebble Gifters 2)

A Home for Ben (Alaskan Pebble Gifters 3)

A Mate for Lu (Alaskan Pebble Gifters 4)

A Handkerchief for Kade (Alaskan Pebble Gifters 5)

Of Paper and Wood

Expensive (Lost Red Wolves 1)

Dear Daddy, Please Praise Me with Luna David

A Nest for Eli (Alaskan Pebble Gifters 6)

Real (Lost Red Wolves 2)

Fairy Daddy (Riding Home 1)

Snuggle Season (Burrowing Hearts 1)

Swept Away with C.W. Gray (Rabbit Hollow 1)

All Revved Up (Riding Home 2)

Wicked (Lost Red Wolves)

Snuggleslut (Burrowing Hearts 2)

Omega from the Beach (Heron Manor 2)

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